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Day 23 dimanche 29 août 2010 - Au Revoir Paris, A Bientot

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Got picked up from hotel at 10 minutes to 8 am by shuttle service. Met nice couple in shuttle from Australia who travels frequently and chatted with them.

Arrived at airport and decided not to line up for tax refund as I was more anxious about checking in. I was to get back 18€.

First problem, and it was expected was check in bag was too heavy. It was 34 kilo and limit is 23 kilo. So I took both suitcases and repacked with the assistance of the scale. I knew there was a reason why I should not have bought so much soap. Put books and soaps into carry along bag.

Finally actually was able to get each bag down to under 23 kg each. I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself and was going to jump for joy but figured I'd either get arrested or detained. I checked in second bag and paid 55€ to do this. Well worth it as then I could take the excess as carry on.

Took long time getting through all of customs. Didn't eat breakfast at hotel and had decided to get something at airport. By the time I got to my gate I bought sandwich and water and boarded about 10 minutes before flight was to leave.

Flight to Paris was a turbulent one weather wise and otherwise as well.

I had a young baby probably around 8 months old and a 3 year old. Baby cried a lot and loudly. You get the picture.

Sat next to lady with a bad cold who was otherwise nice.

Movies were good and I watched all of them as I couldn't fall asleep for more than about 1\2 an hour. Saw Jonese, Date Night, Valentine's Day and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 30 Rock, Mad Men episode and Simpsons.

Food was airplane food and adequate. Had a merlot at 11 am Paris time. Maybe that set the tone, who knows.

Flight was going to be late for sure by about an hour. Lots of turbulence and it was particularly bad prior to landing although landing was smooth. Apparently it was IROP which the Delta attendant says was technical difficulties.

Arrive in Salt Lake at 2:51 pm and I was supposed to connect flight leaving at 3:35.

Was put to almost front of first customs line, then went to collect luggage and it just wasn't showing up. Talked to Delta rep and she said just go get flight and they will send bags along later.

Another Customs guy, then the screening. They had to physically go through bags because of my mustard and foie gras.

Then ran like maniac to other side of airport and missed my flight. It was now 3:40 pm. Might flight left at 3:35 pm. Was told they would wait for me and I was silly enough to believe them.

Got on a Delta phone and told no flights tonite and they could book me on flight on Monday leaving at 11 am.

It was strongly recommended and so I agreed. Only problem is that I was supposed to see cardiologist for 11 am in Vancouver. Have waited almost 2 months for appointment.

I saw that there was a flight to Seattle this afternoon. Very helpful Delta rep checked for flight later at 8:05 pm and then no flights in evening but in am to arrive in Vancouver for 8:11 am. I would be able to make cardiology appointment.

Waiting to board flight to Seattle. Slept for 40 minutes and will try to go back to sleep. After I land in Seattle I will need to go to Delta representative about hotel voucher. They could not do anything for me in Salt Lake City. Also I will need to check with Delta baggage when I get to YVR to see where my luggage is. The Delta rep that was so helpful in looking up my luggage and says it looks like it might not even have made it onto flight from Paris. Just great and I paid extra to check in bag.

Told that they will deliver bags to me. I just need to find out where the heck they are and they told me to make sure I check at my destination.

I just checked in at 7 pm and also asked about my luggage. Still not updated and will check again in Seattle.

Also got Delta rep to confirm that there are hotel rooms available tonight in Seattle. There are so that's good.

The thought of spending the night in Seattle, dirty clothes and no toiletries made me anxious.

I was thinking there had to be a better way and that I could get home Sunday somehow. Just checked with the Delta rep around 7:30 pm to see if there is a connecting flight from Seattle to Vancouver tonite. There is with Alaska and they couldn't confirm seat until I get to Seattle. Kept my am flight still in case.

I got on my flight to Seattle from Salt Lake city. Left a few minutes late and got in pretty close to 9:11 pm.

As soon as I deplaned I asked a Delta rep about flight. She told me to go to Gate D. Took the shuttle and then transferred to second shuttle to arrive at Gate D. No one at customer service for Alaska who is the carrier. Luckily an Alaska employee walked out and directed me to D6.

Got there at 9:40 pm and couldn't get boarding pass because I was booked on Alaska's Monday 11 pm flight and not Sunday. Had the luck of getting a great agent, Jessica who had to make numerous calls to get Delta to change the flight to today. Makes sense as they cannot change any flights, only Delta can do that.

Explained have no bags as it appears they did not make flight with me. Sure hope they are in Vancouver by the time I get there. She then told me to ensure that I complete declaration otherwise bags won't get to Canada. Delta never mentioned anything like that so I will find out when I go to Delta baggage tonite when I arrive.

I finally made it to Vancouver. Flights from Salt Lake to Seattle and then Seattle to Vancouver were smooth.

Could have kissed the ground when I got here. Am so tired and traveling for almost 24 hours now and slept maybe 2 hours total. Flight from Salt Lake to Seattle was real sleep for 1 1/2 hours.

Went through customs and made my declaration. Guy was really nice and did not ding me for excess. Told him I had 5 bottles of wine. Marc gave me one bottle first and when Margy and Marc found out I wanted more, they gave me 2 bottles from their wine cellar. He said "Ma'am I think you have been through enough." Nice guy! Kindness and I could have cried because kindness was so nice. It's not that anyone was mean to me, it's just I was upset about baggage and exhausted.

Then went to Alaska to look after my lost baggage. That was smooth thank God. Luggage is coming via Montreal and will be in Vancouver around 4:30 pm and then brought to me by Delta on the 8 pm run. They will call and if I don't hear I am to call them.

Now another customs. I purchased a hermetically sealed jar of foie gras from Hediard. I also bought specialty mustards from them along with tapenades.

These caused hiccups going through scans and they had to search my bags which was fine by me.

Anyways every time the foie gras was a concern as it is a meat. When I got to Canada they said they had to check. End result was that it was okay as it did not need refrigeration except when open.

Finally I got to go. By now well after midnight. Got cab and good conversation and home.

Next day called Alaska re luggage at 5:30. Left 3 voicemails over course of 4 hours. I called Alaska at 8:00 and asked if luggage arrived as I wanted to confirm that it is out to me tonight. Was told it wasn't on 4:30 pm flight and there was a 8:22 pm flight.

Called me after 9 pm to tell me that luggage not on 8:22 pm flight but that there was a later flight at 11 pm. Said they will leave note for someone to call me around 7:30 am next day as then they will know.

My bags are in the care of Air Canada as they flew them to Montreal. It is just a matter of getting them onto a flight to Vancouver.

I hate that this has happened as it is negating all the wonderful things about the trip. But it will be balanced again just as soon as the bags arrive. They aren't lost but just acting like teenagers.

Called Alaska just before 8:00 am on Tuesday as no news yet and left a voicemail for them. Got a call from them around 9 ish to let me know that my luggage is here and that it was stuck in something called "in bond" in Montreal as they had not cleared customs, that they do things by the book there. Anyways talked to courier directly and I will finally be reunited with my suitcases today around 5 pm. I guess the bags just wanted to speak French a little longer.

Thank goodness.

More pictures and videos to be posted in the coming week.

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