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Day 23 dimanche 29 août 2010 - Au Revoir Paris, A Bientot

0 °C

Got picked up from hotel at 10 minutes to 8 am by shuttle service. Met nice couple in shuttle from Australia who travels frequently and chatted with them.

Arrived at airport and decided not to line up for tax refund as I was more anxious about checking in. I was to get back 18€.

First problem, and it was expected was check in bag was too heavy. It was 34 kilo and limit is 23 kilo. So I took both suitcases and repacked with the assistance of the scale. I knew there was a reason why I should not have bought so much soap. Put books and soaps into carry along bag.

Finally actually was able to get each bag down to under 23 kg each. I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself and was going to jump for joy but figured I'd either get arrested or detained. I checked in second bag and paid 55€ to do this. Well worth it as then I could take the excess as carry on.

Took long time getting through all of customs. Didn't eat breakfast at hotel and had decided to get something at airport. By the time I got to my gate I bought sandwich and water and boarded about 10 minutes before flight was to leave.

Flight to Paris was a turbulent one weather wise and otherwise as well.

I had a young baby probably around 8 months old and a 3 year old. Baby cried a lot and loudly. You get the picture.

Sat next to lady with a bad cold who was otherwise nice.

Movies were good and I watched all of them as I couldn't fall asleep for more than about 1\2 an hour. Saw Jonese, Date Night, Valentine's Day and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 30 Rock, Mad Men episode and Simpsons.

Food was airplane food and adequate. Had a merlot at 11 am Paris time. Maybe that set the tone, who knows.

Flight was going to be late for sure by about an hour. Lots of turbulence and it was particularly bad prior to landing although landing was smooth. Apparently it was IROP which the Delta attendant says was technical difficulties.

Arrive in Salt Lake at 2:51 pm and I was supposed to connect flight leaving at 3:35.

Was put to almost front of first customs line, then went to collect luggage and it just wasn't showing up. Talked to Delta rep and she said just go get flight and they will send bags along later.

Another Customs guy, then the screening. They had to physically go through bags because of my mustard and foie gras.

Then ran like maniac to other side of airport and missed my flight. It was now 3:40 pm. Might flight left at 3:35 pm. Was told they would wait for me and I was silly enough to believe them.

Got on a Delta phone and told no flights tonite and they could book me on flight on Monday leaving at 11 am.

It was strongly recommended and so I agreed. Only problem is that I was supposed to see cardiologist for 11 am in Vancouver. Have waited almost 2 months for appointment.

I saw that there was a flight to Seattle this afternoon. Very helpful Delta rep checked for flight later at 8:05 pm and then no flights in evening but in am to arrive in Vancouver for 8:11 am. I would be able to make cardiology appointment.

Waiting to board flight to Seattle. Slept for 40 minutes and will try to go back to sleep. After I land in Seattle I will need to go to Delta representative about hotel voucher. They could not do anything for me in Salt Lake City. Also I will need to check with Delta baggage when I get to YVR to see where my luggage is. The Delta rep that was so helpful in looking up my luggage and says it looks like it might not even have made it onto flight from Paris. Just great and I paid extra to check in bag.

Told that they will deliver bags to me. I just need to find out where the heck they are and they told me to make sure I check at my destination.

I just checked in at 7 pm and also asked about my luggage. Still not updated and will check again in Seattle.

Also got Delta rep to confirm that there are hotel rooms available tonight in Seattle. There are so that's good.

The thought of spending the night in Seattle, dirty clothes and no toiletries made me anxious.

I was thinking there had to be a better way and that I could get home Sunday somehow. Just checked with the Delta rep around 7:30 pm to see if there is a connecting flight from Seattle to Vancouver tonite. There is with Alaska and they couldn't confirm seat until I get to Seattle. Kept my am flight still in case.

I got on my flight to Seattle from Salt Lake city. Left a few minutes late and got in pretty close to 9:11 pm.

As soon as I deplaned I asked a Delta rep about flight. She told me to go to Gate D. Took the shuttle and then transferred to second shuttle to arrive at Gate D. No one at customer service for Alaska who is the carrier. Luckily an Alaska employee walked out and directed me to D6.

Got there at 9:40 pm and couldn't get boarding pass because I was booked on Alaska's Monday 11 pm flight and not Sunday. Had the luck of getting a great agent, Jessica who had to make numerous calls to get Delta to change the flight to today. Makes sense as they cannot change any flights, only Delta can do that.

Explained have no bags as it appears they did not make flight with me. Sure hope they are in Vancouver by the time I get there. She then told me to ensure that I complete declaration otherwise bags won't get to Canada. Delta never mentioned anything like that so I will find out when I go to Delta baggage tonite when I arrive.

I finally made it to Vancouver. Flights from Salt Lake to Seattle and then Seattle to Vancouver were smooth.

Could have kissed the ground when I got here. Am so tired and traveling for almost 24 hours now and slept maybe 2 hours total. Flight from Salt Lake to Seattle was real sleep for 1 1/2 hours.

Went through customs and made my declaration. Guy was really nice and did not ding me for excess. Told him I had 5 bottles of wine. Marc gave me one bottle first and when Margy and Marc found out I wanted more, they gave me 2 bottles from their wine cellar. He said "Ma'am I think you have been through enough." Nice guy! Kindness and I could have cried because kindness was so nice. It's not that anyone was mean to me, it's just I was upset about baggage and exhausted.

Then went to Alaska to look after my lost baggage. That was smooth thank God. Luggage is coming via Montreal and will be in Vancouver around 4:30 pm and then brought to me by Delta on the 8 pm run. They will call and if I don't hear I am to call them.

Now another customs. I purchased a hermetically sealed jar of foie gras from Hediard. I also bought specialty mustards from them along with tapenades.

These caused hiccups going through scans and they had to search my bags which was fine by me.

Anyways every time the foie gras was a concern as it is a meat. When I got to Canada they said they had to check. End result was that it was okay as it did not need refrigeration except when open.

Finally I got to go. By now well after midnight. Got cab and good conversation and home.

Next day called Alaska re luggage at 5:30. Left 3 voicemails over course of 4 hours. I called Alaska at 8:00 and asked if luggage arrived as I wanted to confirm that it is out to me tonight. Was told it wasn't on 4:30 pm flight and there was a 8:22 pm flight.

Called me after 9 pm to tell me that luggage not on 8:22 pm flight but that there was a later flight at 11 pm. Said they will leave note for someone to call me around 7:30 am next day as then they will know.

My bags are in the care of Air Canada as they flew them to Montreal. It is just a matter of getting them onto a flight to Vancouver.

I hate that this has happened as it is negating all the wonderful things about the trip. But it will be balanced again just as soon as the bags arrive. They aren't lost but just acting like teenagers.

Called Alaska just before 8:00 am on Tuesday as no news yet and left a voicemail for them. Got a call from them around 9 ish to let me know that my luggage is here and that it was stuck in something called "in bond" in Montreal as they had not cleared customs, that they do things by the book there. Anyways talked to courier directly and I will finally be reunited with my suitcases today around 5 pm. I guess the bags just wanted to speak French a little longer.

Thank goodness.

More pictures and videos to be posted in the coming week.

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Day 22 Paris, samedi 28 août 2010 - Last night in Paris

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After I got off at the Louvre Rivoli metro stop I called Margy as she had emailed me and I was thinking about her anyways. While talking to her I also checked out church to my left. Wondered out loud if Notre Dame, maybe? I looked it up later and it was not.

Went to see bookseller stands along Quai de Louvre along the Seine and then walked around. In and out of a few stores till Rue de Rivoli and found a store and got everything else I had wanted. The man that helped me there told me he is Chinese as he was born in China but is muslim. Have seen a few Chinese in business here and have overheard Mandarin being spoken.

Done and it wasn't past 8 yet. I love it when things work out as planned.

For one of the few times, I went back to the station that I had gotten off of. In the past I guess I had always wandered further.

Got back to Saint Georges by 8:18 pm. Was going to find the amazing risotto that I had with Margy back on Aug 10 but due to the time and uncertainty of its location and even the name of the restaurant it was smarter to go to one really close by. Found Les Mervilles de Saint-Georges just up the street. Really like Greek so I went in. They are used to emporter which was exactly what I wanted. I ordered the lamb chop dinner and a side Greek salad. Generous portion as 3 lamb chops. I had eaten small lunch and walked lots in anticipation of large dinner. Perfect amount along with my 25 cl of merlot wine purchased at Hediard. No tzatiki and so did not eat pita. Too plain and too full.

Watched Pink's Funhouse Tour concert on tv and had a relaxing dinner.

I enjoy company and also solitude as this quiet time is needed to reflect on this 23 day adventure I have just finished. I didn't get to do everything I wanted as that list is a work in progress. But I saw lots and did most of what I set out to do and I do have to save some things for next time.

Had a most fabulous last day in Paris. In a way it would have been great to have stayed up all night and wandered around Paris. I didn't even stay out late as I was tired as well.

It is not hard to fall in love with Paris and France and I will leave a piece of my heart here.

I am pretty ok about being alone but sometimes I really miss not sharing it. That's when it can mean the most and so I blog.

I hope that my trip blog has given you a good taste of all the sights, smells and sounds I have savoured. I have blogged daily as I wanted to capture the moments as the saying below captures it all.

"Life is not about how many breathes you take but about how many moments take your breathe away."

Paris, a bientot! J'adore.

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Day 22 Strasbourg, samedi 28 août 2010 - Back to Paris

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Woke up at 7 am. Exhausted and a bit hung over? Probably just dehydrated.

Got the balance of pictures uploaded to the memory stick from my camera.

Packed up a few things and into Marc's car for 8 am. We are right on schedule.

Got to the Gare de Strabourg where we first arranged for a porter to assist me with my luggage when I arrive in Paris.

Then we went to a restaurant called Time and Go where we had a traditional French breakfast.

Before I knew it it was time to get to the train. I was in car 2 and seat 22 which was a seat in a row of singles. Margy had been able to book me into First Class as well.

Travelling in real comfort. Stopped blogging around 10 am as I do need to get some sleep before I get to Paris.

Slept on the train for just under an hour. Organized my thoughts and made a to do list for Paris.

Got my luggage out and to my seat before the train stopped. Porter boarded almost immediately upon arrival and was a nice young black man. Lived in Paris all his life and was sweet. Got me to the taxi and helped to unload luggage and asked me where I wanted to go. I showed driver the hotel's business card. Got to Hotel Antin St. Georges very quickly. Set fare before travel was 2.25€ or 2.50€. Fare total ended up being 5.50€ with a charge of 1€ for second suitcase. He says first suitcase was free. True or cash grab? Still tipped him another 1.50€ as I wanted help with luggage into hotel. He went right past hotel and when I pointed it out he apologized. He backed up closer to the hotel. In the end he only brought in larger suitcase but I managed second one no problem.

Had strongly considered going to Notre Dame today but bailed in favour of walking and shopping and being outside.

There was mostly sun and warm with minor drizzle early in the afternoon. Got on the net and researched Nike locations. Blogged and posted one and my room as ready by about 12:30 so I went to my room which made me feel better as lots of luggage in lobby and didn't want anything to happen to Miu Miu shoes.

There was mostly sun and warm with minor drizzle early in the afternoon.

Got on the net and researched Nike locations. Blogged and posted one and my room as ready by about 12:30 so I went to my room which made me feel better as lots of luggage in lobby and didn't want anything to happen to Miu Miu shoes.

Left to go to metro and transferred at Saint Lazare to Olympiades and got off at Gare de Lyon. Found no Nike at 223 Rue de Bercy. I found the address and wonder if it was office but then no signage so who knows.

I found a Monoprix grocery store and bought medicore smoked salmon pita for lunch.

Went to Gare de Lyon to use toilette and shopped at Hediard in the train station so one errand done.

Left the area after an hour and back on the metro to go to Pyramides and then to Opera for shopping at 2:45 pm.

Went to Galeries Layfayette and didn't leave there for 2 hours.

First things first and I went to Longchamps to see if they had the bag with the pattern of their ceiling on it. Cream and red was available at start of my trip. Limited edition and also comes in black with red but no stock at that time. Sad that it wasn't there. Think I would have bought but not sure if just sad because there were none.

Had to line up but only about 10 minutes. No luck, neither was there. Lots of stock is new and for fall. Felt sad but wasn't 100% sure about other bag or would have bought it then. Also purple dragonfly purse, a limited edition is no longer there.

So in order to hear the voice of reason I went to Louis Vuitton. Some Asians have been born into some very rich families as young women were buying purses in excess of 800 to 3000€. Crazy.

Did the next best thing and went to shoe department. Even found the Miu Miu section and both pairs that I looked at were in excess of 300€. Mine were half that and exactly what I have been looking for for a year or two.

Did find some great high heeled sandals. Jonak of Paris, stylish and beautiful soft leather. Found very nice pair of turquoise suede slingbacks but bailed. Still thinking though and store is open till 8 pm.

Didn't allow myself to dwell in lingerie. Did fall in love with Ed Hardy shirt but 75€ was just too much for a t shirt.

Went to the 6th floor where they carry souvenirs of Paris and took care of all I wanted of Fauchon, Maxime and a CD of music by Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel and others.

Realized that I was now not far from my hotel but still had trouble finding it as I had a missed a turn or two.

A sweet old lady probably in her eighties saw me with my map and asked where I needed to get to. I showed her the spot on the map. She told me to go straight and then a droit. Got it but there must have been something else in the instructions that I didn't get. Anyways I walked for a while and saw one or two familiar landmarks and then I saw her again opposite me. I had turned myself right around.

She gasped and said some things to the effect that I still wasn't there. I was actually very close and one turn and half a block or so and I was there. She gave me instructions and asked me if I compris. Told her yes. I also explained where I was from and thanked her and gave her a loonie. She was thrilled and I was so glad to make her happy.

Few minutes later I finally found my street. I also found Shiva Boutique and enjoyed going in there. Store full of goodies from India. They even had flyers that Deva Premal and Miten are coming to Paris in the fall. I got excited as I had seen her in Vancouver about 3 years ago.

Got back to hotel and rested for about 1\2 an hour then out again around 6:30 pm. Had to rest swollen ankles and stretch a bit. Metro to Concorde and then to Louvre Rivoli station.

Cool thing is as it was a museum stop like Rodin, which I spoke about earlier, there were many sculptures and a few glass cases containing different works of art. Interesting in that nothing is vandalised as France has lots of grafitti.
The art work is safe because of respect.

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Day 21 Durstel, vendredi 27 août 2010 - Back to Strasbourg

storm 13 °C
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Today woke up to my most irritating alarm at 6:40 am. I was still very tired as I didn't go to bed until about 1:30 am. I finished blogging, then packing and it was tough to quiet my mind even though it did not feel like I was consciously thinking.

It is the end of my time in Durstel as we leave this morning. I feel sad but good as well. Again, I have to say it has all been amazing.

Showered and got dressed and brought my luggage out to the hallway. Marc kindly brought everything downstairs.

Had breakfast and Margy and Marc finished up copying my nearly 2000 pictures onto a memory stick. Margy's pictures on another stick. Margy showed me the garage, I met the pig, rabbits and chickens in the parents' barn. The chickens made a lot of noise at having visitors. Pig seemed content and listened to Margy as she talked to him.
Rabbits of which there were about a dozen in the pens were timid and nervous.

I met Marc's mom and dad who are 68 and 73. Very sweet couple. They greeted me warmly and the French way with a kiss on each cheek.

Got into the car around 9 to head to Baden Baden which is in Germany. Arrived in Germany around 10:30 am. No border crossing as there is an agreement (Schengen) with many countries now. Also as the currency is the same it is also simplified.

We first went to see a castle called Schloss Favorite which is located near Rastatt in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Built some 300 years ago much of it is still in its original state. A surprise was that there was a large collection of Asian porcelain as well as some buddhas and the goddess Guan Yin.

Germany is divided up into landers which are like provinces.

Then shortly after 12 we went to the Schlosscafé Favorite Konditorei located on the grounds for lunch.

Margy and Marc ordered beer and I had an Apfelsaftschorle. Try typing that quickly! It is an apple juice with a portion of sparkling water which is a common beverage in Germany. She said that wine spritzers are also popular.

For lunch Margy had goulash and salad. Marc had veal strips in a mushroom gravy with spaetzle. I had the ravioli (Maultaschen) with German potato salad. My ravioli were huge ones with a bit of fried onion and gravy on it. The ground meat inside was perfectly seasoned. I thought my potato salad was really good, mustard and vinegar flavoured. Margy and Marc agreed.

Finished lunch an hour later.

Then drove to Baden Baden and arrived around 1:30. Went to the spa called Caracalla at 2 pm and was able to book a 25 min massage for me at 3 pm at Friedrichsbad. Cost 26 €. So excited as I had wanted to get a massage in Baden Baden.

While waiting for the appointment we checked out the spa store. Yes, I bought a souvenir;:a fuschia hand towel with the words Baden Baden on it. Also went into a few other stores. Nothing overly exciting but it was still ok to check things out.

Got to the spa at 2:45 pm to wait for my appointment. Great massage as it was just what I needed. My masseuse was an older gentleman. My vintage and I would guess early 50's. 25 minutes of well spent bliss.

Met Margy and Marc out in the lobby. We walked to the Café Beeg where we had cake as German cake is really good.

We ordered for me a Waldfrucht Schoko which was a bunch of blackberries, currants and other berries in gelatin with chocolate mousse then a thin layer of chocolate cake and a crust. Cappucino for me, juice for Margy and coffee for Marc.

Margy had the Flockentorte which was a flaky pastry layers with whipped cream, white chocolate, vanilla and fruits and slivered almonds.

Marc had Schwarzwälder Kirshtorte which is good old fashioned Black Forest Cake.

Casino and grounds. Tents were set up and people were dining on bbq. Live band and we heard them sing Moon River. Oldies but goodies.

Raining as we were heading back to the car just after 5 pm. Torrential rain storm all the way back to Strasbourg. I missed almost all of it as I slept.

It was a good day in Germany and again there is a different feel there. Much cleaner than in France. Larger toilettes too.

Got back to the apartment shortly after 6 pm.

We all just puttered around the apartment and listened to CDs, Phil Collins, The Nylons, and Backstreet Boys.

The storm ended and the sun and blue sky came out shortly after 7 pm.

We had a boat cruise that Marc had booked and so we needed to be there for 8:15 pm. We were going to cancel if the weather did not improve. Fortunately it stayed dry, at least until we got out the door.

We packed sandwiches to eat on the way. Took the bus and got there quite quickly.

Our cruise started at 8:45 pm and took an hour. Don't know why but there was no explanation about what we saw as the cruise progressed. Instead they had a female singer. She started off with a French song which was awesome. Then unexplicably she started to sing tunes in English. Perhaps it is what the crowds like. She was an average singer and the songs were adequate. Some peace and quiet on the cruise would have been nice.

It rained and poured. Near the end of the cruise and light show it really poured.

We managed to keep our sense of humour and so we laughed.

Then we docked and stayed on the boat and watched an incredible and fantastic light and water show.

Elaborate, creative and beautiful light show.

After the show ended the boat took us a short distance to the dock. The tram was very close by and we boarded it to go to get a drink or two. My last night in Strasbourg and last night with Margy and Marc.

We were all cold and wet. My sandals were soaked and my light jacket damp. We went into a French pub called Bartholdi.

We all ordered Irish coffees. Boy did they ever hit the spot. It was perfect and we warmed up quick.

Learned an important lesson though. We received one bill for our first order which is fine and then we ordered another round and received another bill. I then gave the waiter a 100 euro bill. I considered using my credit card and here they never take it away but bring you a remote card processing machine.

Anyways didn't think much of him as we had finished our coffees and then he then took some time getting back to us again and he could have been busy but then when he brought out second order he did not take away the old mugs and Marc had to put them on the bar counter. So he took away my money and took a very long time and did not return. I spoke to another fellow at the bar to let him know we were still waiting for the money. Just a few minutes after this my change arrived. Easily could happen to someone who has had more to drink to forget and leave without which would be convenient. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt but in all the places we have gone to this has not happened before so one does have to be careful. It's more part of being in a bar than being in France.

Next round was beer and my last or maybe I will get one in Paris, who knows, and a nature tarte flambée. We inhaled that in no time. Lots of chatting, reminiscing and laughter. It was all good and I could have stayed up all night but we had to get some sleep. I had a big day ahead of me as do Margy and Marc. They go directly back to Durstel after they see me off.

Not sure what time we got back to apartment but after midnight for sure. No more buses and so tram and 15 min walk.

Into bed, mad bloggin (still a little Irish?) and lights out at 1:30 am.

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Day 20 Durstel, jeudi 26 août 2010 - Obernai, etc.

sunny 31 °C
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Woke up at 7 and started to blog and blogged for an hour. Made myself stop and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I reset my alarm for 8:40 am and forced myself out of bed 5 minutes later.
When I first woke up it was to the alarm, annoying, and to the wonderful smell of Margy's plum pie baking.

Still in my housecoat when I joined Margy and Marc for our petit dejeuner outside on the picnic bench. Warm this morning and a lovely sunny day. Happy to see that Margy was in her housecoat as well.

We had a wonderfully relaxing breakfast with baguette, two types of jam, mirabelles, blackberries, yogurt and muesli.

Showered and got dressed and we left around 10:30 or so.

When we got to the town of Obernai there was a very busy outdoor market happening. Yes, I was smiling and love to shop and especially at markets. You always find unique items here and we were just in time as the market was already packing up and due to be closed by 12:30 pm. We got there shortly after 12 noon. There were lots of vegetable stands, speciality meats, cheeses, soaps, spices, and silver jewellery. We spent our entire time there and I bought two very unique silver rings. I also bought another gift. Marc got Margy a lovely butterfly ring. She says that I am influencing her shopping habits. Glad to be of service.

From Durstel we travelled along the Alsace Wine Route and we passed many vineyards as well as a brewery called Kronenbourg, good brew.

We went to a church in Obernai called the Saints Peter and Paul Church. This is a Catholic Church built on the grounds of a former Gothic Church. Simple inside and some very beautiful stained glass windows. We then went in and out of some of the shops as well as souvenir shops.

We went to lunch at about 1 pm to a restaurant in Obernai called La Dime. We each had a beer and then Margy and I each ordered Tarte Onions and we got Quiche Lorraines. Marc had a tourte made with reisling. Had great butter lettuce salads with tomatoes and onions and a light dressing. Lunch was reasonable as it came to 30.30€ and it also included one extra beer.

Wandered around Obernai for a little while longer and we left to go to the convent around 3:30 or maybe a bit earlier.

We went to visit a convent called Mount Sainte-Odile located in Ottrott and arrived sometime before 4 pm. www.mont-sainte-odile.com. We saw the incredible view as well as the various chapels. We went to the grotto which is a famous part of the convent. The convent hosts retreats as well as has a full sized restaurant and a cafeteria.

We also visited The Church of Saints Peter and Paul of Rosheim in the town of Rosheim. This was a Roman church and dates back from 1145 – 1167. Inside the church was an art exhibit which has been quite common in many of the churches that we have seen so far. It appears that the Churches are making more of an effort to be more accessible and welcoming to the general public.

It was now nearly 6 pm and we were back on the road. We were held up for quite some time, probably ½ an hour. I wasn’t aware how long as I dozed off again for my second nap today. Warm, hot and tired and drowsy.

Went to dinner at Au Coq Blanc in the village of La Petite Pierre for tarte flambée. In my mind I was expecting the tarte flambée was going to be an onion tart. In the end it was a most pleasant surprise as it was the Alsatian pizza I had eaten some 5 or more years ago and really enjoyed. At that time it was in Vancouver and made by the husband, a professional chef who was Alsatian, whose wife was a friend of my friend. We had all run in the Pacific Spirit run that morning and were invited to lunch at their home after the race.

It is a very thin crust pizza like item which is cooked in a wood stove. The base is a mixture of heavy cream and sour cream. Then on top of this is onions and bacon. You then have a choice of it just like this or with the addition of either regular cheese, mushrooms or munster cheese at least those were the choices at this particular restaurant. When you eat tarte flambée you order one and when that one is done you decide if you want a second. That way each one you eat is nice and hot. In the end we had the plain, the mushroom and the munster. Very good and it was about 6 hours since we had eaten lunch, we were ready.

We had half a carafe of red wine with dinner and Marc had beer and then we got back into the car for the trip home which was only about 15 minutes or less.

Had Margy’s yummy Mirabelle plum pie a la mode at shortly before 10 pm. Yes very late at night to eat dessert but pie was baked this am and there will be no opportunity to eat it tomorrow.

After that I went to blog and blog and now it is 22:45 which is 10:45 pm. I think perhaps I have way too much to say but it is more that there has been way too much to see and I have really enjoyed seeing all it. It would never have been this amazing a trip if I had not spent so much time with Margy and now Marc as well as they know this wonderful country and have shared so much with me. I have been most fortunate as few get to experience France this way.

As I finally finish this blog which was interrupted a few times as I got distracted and did a few other things, it is now 12:37 am and I am pooped and still need to throw the balance of my clean clothes into my suitcase. Pack in more wine that Margy and Marc very kindly gave to me.

Sleep will get here soon enough. This is why I need so many naps. Am blogging till I am blurry eyed.

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